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The Truckee Meadows Water Authority had previously implemented an online map service using AutoDesk MapGuide Software. This service provides facility and location information to internal staff, as well as boundary information to the public. This however required that the GIS data be exported from SDE, the spatial data server, in order to be used as input for to the MapGuide site, creating extra work for GIS staff as well as a lag time between when new data was entered into the system. To alleviate this situation, the decision was made to port the applications functionality to work with the ESRI ArcIMS server, which would allow a direct connection to the live data available on the SDE server. As a second phase, code was modified to accomodate data provided from a standalone PGDB (Personal GeoDatabase) to enable the public version of the site to be served from a machine located in TMWA’s DMZ (network Demilitarized Zone), for network security purposes.