Surveying Oversight, Data Collection, and Other Services

At US Geomatics (USG), we leverage our technical proficiency to conduct different types of surveying operations. We have expertise in a variety of surveying methods, mapping protocols, application programming, as well as drafting technologies. Also, we can provide a full range of mapping services to meet all of your goals and requirements.

Our technological resources and processes include the latest computer platforms as well as various programming and software methods. Additionally, we have managed to transcend the capabilities of existing software. To be specific, we have successfully developed several customized computer applications that can resolve unique problems.

Close Supervision of Your Project

You can expect us to carefully supervise your office and field personnel who are working on surveying and GPS projects. We will take care of planning as well as static and RTK data acquisition and processing. Also, we will prepare topographic and parcel maps, survey records, and ALTAs by integrating the following services

Boundary research

Date compilation and analysis

Design and construction

Right-of-way acquisition


US Geomatics provides a variety of roles for the design-build project to lower the railroad tracks through downtown Reno. Responsibilities include surveying oversight, topographic data collection, right-of-way investigations, legal descriptions, utility coordination and utility composite mapping, GIS coordination, survey services, AutoCAD and document management, on-site project coordination, budgeting, and management of production elements.

TMWA 2005-2025 Facility Plan

US Geomatics (USG) was retained to complete all base mapping for existing and future, Truckee Meadows Water Authority-owned facility infrastructures. All maps produced were included in the 2005-2025 facility plan. Data was inclusive of plans to build new infrastructure through the year 2025.

Capital Improvement GIS Database Updates

US Geomatics provides services to update and maintain Truckee Meadows Water Authority’s SDE database. All work consists of using GPS-accurate, field-inspected “as-builts” (water mains, pump stations, tanks, regulator stations, etc.) to update existing and input new facilities. Every new project completed by the Truckee Meadows Water Authority is input into SDE.

NEAC Transmission Routing Project

Current Nevada transmission infrastructure is almost fully utilized by generators in and outside of Nevada to export or transmit resources out of and through the state. Limitations of this transmission system hinder renewable energy exportation. In an effort to address this, a DOE grant was awarded to the State of Nevada to establish new line routes into the California grid. US Geomatics (USG) worked with Tri Sage Consulting, Energy Source, the Nevada Energy Assistance Corporation, and the Nevada State Office of Energy to complete a comprehensive routing study of alternative lines to support export of renewable energy power. The result was three export paths, to the north, east, and south of Nevada, holding the potential to enhance new transmission export paths into the neighboring states and ultimately address multiple export and grid enhancement needs.


Utilizing Microsoft Visual Basic and ESRI MapObjects, a standalone application was developed to enable facility mapping and GPS navigation to the field servicemen of the Truckee Meadows Water Authority. The application allows the user to search by address or street intersection, provides location and attribute information on individual facility features, and can show the current location of the user by enabling the GPS input option. Installed on TouchScreen Panasonic Toughbooks and conveniently mounted inside the trucks, this provides a rugged mobile alternative to traditional paper-based map books.

WaterWhere Online

The Truckee Meadows Water Authority had previously implemented an online map service using AutoDesk MapGuide Software. This service provides facility and location information to internal staff as well as boundary information to the public. This, however, required that the GIS data be exported from SDE, the spatial data server, in order to be used as input for to the MapGuide site, creating extra work for GIS staff as well as a lag time between when new data was entered into the system. To alleviate this situation, the decision was made to port the application’s functionality to work with the ESRI ArcIMS server, which would allow a direct connection to the live data available on the SDE server. As a second phase, the code was modified to accommodate data provided from a standalone PGDB (Personal GeoDatabase) to enable the public version of the site to be served from a machine located in TMWA’s DMZ (network Demilitarized Zone), for network security purposes.


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Solar Well Pumping Proposal

US Geomatics prepared a comprehensive report for the Naval Air Station, Fallon consisting of alternative energy solutions for pumping water in the remote location of Dixie Valley, NV. Detailed solar and wind power generation options were provided.

Water Right Claim Transfers

US Geomatics continues to provide research and mapping for water right claims for both public utilities and private brokers.

Truckee River Operating Agreement

US Geomatics is responsible for the water rights mapping to generate one overall system map for every point of diversion (with section corner ties) within the TROA document, including the Orr Ditch decree. This mapping was submittal to both the State of Nevada and the State of California.