Purchasing, Sales, and Management of Water Rights

Water is essential to the operations of any business in any industry, from livestock farms to steel producers. A valuable asset as well as a finite resource, water cannot be used without the legal right to do so.

In Nevada, water rights are based on the doctrine of prior appropriation. Simply put, the first person to take or divert water from a source for beneficial use has the legal right to continue doing so.

US Geomatics (USG) is a licensed water rights surveyor. Water rights are a form of personal property that should be recognized and respected.

Our team buys and sells water rights, and we also manage water rights for large users. In addition, we can also file transfer maps as well as ownership and use changes. These services are available exclusively to clients in Nevada.

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Navigating state water rights can be complicated and time consuming. Turn to us for assistance in acquiring, selling, or managing water rights for your organization. For more information about our water rights services or to get a quote, contact us.